Celebrating the campo lifestyle

mediterranean gardens, eco-conscious landscape design projects

Casa Tortuga

A garden of sensations, volumes and curves to soften the existing architecture, surrounded by the landscape of the Ibizan countryside. Mediterranean in its essence.

Can California

A landscape nestled in the heart of Ibiza’s countryside, drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of the American West Coast.

El Rancho

In between San Agustin and Sant Josep hills, there is a small hidden valley where/in which a mediterranean oasis grows.

Campo atelier

Some old stables sitting in the Ibizan rock transformed into a multifunctional space.

About us

Drawing on extensive experience in interior design on the vibrant island of Ibiza, Alicia Uldall and Jurjen van Hulzen extended their design journey by establishing Ibiza Exteriors. This venture emerged as the natural evolution of their creative exploration. Believing that a truly successful architectural project integrates seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, Ibiza Exteriors was conceived to provide comprehensive exterior solutions. The aim is to empower private clients and professional developers to bring their outdoor dreams to life.

Whether transforming a garden, terrace, or reimagining an entire plot of land, our team of architects and landscapers approaches a diverse array of projects. The objective is to harmonize each outdoor space with its interior counterpart while seamlessly blending with the distinctive local landscape. Through close collaboration with gardening experts, we merge diverse knowledge and expertise to ensure that each project becomes a uniquely tailored and exceptional outdoor haven.